Background of  West Tech

West Tech Chemical Co.,Ltd

      West Tech Chemical Company introduced the advanced production technology and management concept of American Eastman Company。 

      The West Tech plant has introduced internationally advanced resin testing instruments and prodution equipment, and established a domestic first-class product research and development and testing laboratory。 At the same time, the company has a group of middle and senior chemical engineering and technical personnel and management personnel, as well as a group of outstanding staff, with independent R&D and innovation capabilities。

      West Tech has number of advanced rosin resin production lines. 

      The West Tech has established a good management system。 And passed the certification, for example ISO9001:2015、ISO22000:2005、ISO14001:2015、KOSHER、REACH, etc。 Provide reliable guarantee for all kinds of high quality resin production。

Enterprise culture


To create a professional, fine and stronge first-class enterprise。

Core values

Integrity, innovation, responsibility

Business philosophy

credibility , quality assurance, the best servise

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